Thursday, September 11, 2008

Struts-Menu First Impression

We will talk about Struts-Menu tag library. It's demo can be seen in here and it's library can be downloaded in here. We will integrate it in AppFuse. Before we start, you must do this first. We will try build a simple menu from a database table. It's demo can be seen in here. In our that project (AppfuseExample), by default we can add menu and menu item in menu-config.xml. But how we can add dynamic driven menu from database? Okay, we will start here. There are 3 tables by default in our database (NDUNGDB). They are app_user, role, and user_role. We will add 2 tables more for our configuration menu. They are menu and role_menu. Table menu will store menus and table role_menu will store which menus can be accessed by which roles. Table menu will have 4 columns they are id, name, url, and parent. In other hand role_menu table will have 2 columns. They are role_id and menu_id.

DDL SQL file for table menu and role_menu

Edit table menu and role_menu. Add fields for them. Here is my menu and role_menu table based on default configuration of AppFuse. I'm using MySQL Query Browser.

menu table.

role_menu table.

We will add persistence model for menu by mapping table menu and edit role model in addition role_menu mapping table. In package com.ndung.model, add file and edit by adding attribute menus. (edit)

In applicationContext-hibernate.xml add mapping model for menu. Add this line in mapping resources.

applicationContext-hibernate.xml (edit)

We will add a filter in package com.ndung.webapp.filter named AuthenticationProcessingFilter by extend AcegiSecurity default filter. This filter is used to store all menus (menu names and it's url) from database and all roles that can access those menus in repository. Then, edit security.xml by adding this filter.

security.xml (edit)

We will use ListMenu. Add mapping menu in menu-config.xml. Add this line in displayers.

menu-config.xml (edit)

In folder web/pages add jsp file named menu.jsp (the other menu.jsp file is in folder web/common) and in folder web/decorators/ backup our default.jsp and edit it like this. Also you must have to need menuExpandable.css and menuExpandable.js. Place menuExpandable.css in folder web/styles and menuExpandable.js in folder web/scripts.



Add these lines in (edit)

Here is some screenshot after we login as mraible. We must add a default css for a better view for sure.


Anonymous said...

hi can you please tell which class is that Manager class in file?

Anonymous said...

hi can you please tell which class is that Manager class in file?

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