Monday, August 18, 2008

IOC (Inversion of Control) - An Introduction to Spring

As usually we need Eclipse as IDE. We also need other libraries such as Spring Framework libraries and Jakarta Commons libraries especially commons-logging. Create a project named IoCDemo. In this project create a new folder named lib and move all our libraries into this folder. Create a library properties file, This is my library configuration properties. Make it in your own. Also configure build path our project into these libraries.

Then in source folder make two packages named com.ndung.myspring and com.ndung.main. In com.ndung.myspring create a java interface named and a java class named In source folder create a xml file as configuration of our spring injection named Hello.xml and in package com.ndung.main create a main java class named


We will run this project by using Ant. Create a xml file in this project named build.xml and run this project.



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